Getting things started!

I’ve decided to get the site started early with an easy WordPress blog.  So much is going on that it’s going to be smart idea to start documenting everything.  Most of you coming to this site know what this is about, but for those who don’t click up top on the “About” tab.  Otherwise, here’s what has been happening.

The Travis Manion Foundation ( is my primary sponsor right now.  Their mission “is to inspire and activate everyone with the generous spirit of those who serve. Selfless service is the heartbeat of our organization. Our military and their families live a life of service and sacrifice daily; their example provides us a framework to come together, community by community as Americans, to help and support one another.”  They have been amazing.  I am in the last stages of securing one of their challenge grants.  I will be doing fundraising for them as well, considering they’re helping me get things off the ground with the bike and equipment needs.  Check out their site, maybe you have a project you could use help to get off the ground!

The Media Director at Children’s Hospital St. Louis is going to be giving me a tour tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping to take a lot of pictures and notes to share what they’re doing for kids, how Child’s Play is helping them accomplish their goals, and stories of kids fighting to be kids while being treated in a hospital.

More to come!



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