Visit with the Wingman and a Gear Drop

I had a great surprise over the weekend.  Denny Salisbury, the wounded marine veteran that I served with, flew into town and spent a couple days here in St. Louis.  We stayed up talking Sunday night as it was five years since we had last seen each other at MCAGCC.  We decided to go for a ride the next morning but I woke up late.  I had a short argument with my sense of responsibility and ended up skipping my afternoon course.  We ended up riding 43 miles.  It was pretty leisurely.  St. Louis actually has some pretty good trails and road connections for riding large loops through the city and county.  Molly took our pic, my apologies for whatever is going on with my hair.

Practicing for Pax2Pax.

Practicing for Pax2Pax.

I also had a surprise waiting for me at the doorstep.  You see that yellow shirt up there?  That was part of a giftbox Jamie Sue sent me.  She had gone to [insert company name here]’s sale in Colorado.  She’ll have to comment on the blog and remind me but apparently whatever you could fit in a bag was $30.  She started swiping Jay size clothing and even found some shorts for Molly to wear too (Now all we need to do is get her a bike!)

It was a great day all around.  Denny is now home after a month of riding with Ride2Recovery.  In less than two weeks he covered more than 1,400 miles.  Not bad for a boot! Haha…


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